History Of Piano

Piano is a musical instrument played with finger-finger hand. Players
piano called a pianist.

At the time of earlier created, does not sound sekeras piano piano
XX century-an, such as the piano made by Bartolomeo Cristofori
(1655 - 1731) made in 1720. The voltage and again piano chord
it is not as strong now. The piano is now displayed in the Metropolitan
Museum of Art in New York.

Although the inventor who first piano, which originally dijuluki gravecembalo
col piano e forte (harpsichord with soft keyboard and a voice
hard), still the debate, many people acknowledge, Bartolomeo
Cristofori as its creator. Piano is also not the first musical instrument
using the keyboard to work with and beaten. Musical instrument
have principles similar piano has been working there since 1440.

Piano itself was born from the desire to combine the beauty of tone
clavichord with strength harpsichord. The desire is to encourage Marius
Paris (1716), Schroter of Saxony (1717), and Christofori (1720)
of Padua, Italy, to make a piano. However, the full and complete
merely indicated Bartolomeo Christofori. Creation of piano keeper
harpsichord and spinet (small harpsichord) in the Florentine palace --
residence of Prince Ferdinand de'Medici - this is modern piano roots.