Gita Gutawa

Aluna Sagita Gutawa (or better known as the Gita Gutawa; born in Jakarta,
11 August 1993; age 15 years) is a teenage singer has a voice that
Indonesia is a subsidiary of sopran.Gita Playground music
Lutfi Andriani - Erwin Gutawa deepens music since elementary school class 2.
Soprano voice this young girl is able to present the songs ber-pop
genre with the classic high-pitch it. Before launching the
self-titled album is, Gita Gutawa cilik famous performers as a vocalist
with the ADA berduet Band, Dony 'The Band' with the song "The Best for you
(Do not Forget Father)". This song became hits in the album Heaven of Love
and successfully sold more than 850 thousand copies and bring Donny Duet Gita nominated as Best Pop Category AMI Awards.