One Piece Glossary

One Piece Glossary

- All Blue

The All Blue is a mysterious ocean said to be located somewhere on the Grand Line. It seems that all four oceans, the North Blue, South Blue, East Blue, and West Blue all flow into this one area, thus making it the only sea where one can find every type of fish. It is Sanji's dream to find this place.

- Belli

Belli is the term for currency in the world of One Piece. It appears in the form similar to that of dollar bills.

- Buster Call

A fleet of 15 marine ships in all which are used to completely destroy an assigned island. The Buster Call is led by 5 Vice Admirals, and it can only be called by one of the 3 Admirals.

- Den Den Mushi

The Den Den Mushi are snail like beings which have the ability to send voices from one to another. They are similar to that of earthly phones. The Golden Den Den Mushi is a special type which gives the signal to use the Buster Call on an island; the signal is received by the Silver Den Den Mushi located at the Marine HQ.

- Devil Fruits

Fruits that are said to be possessed by Devils. They give whoever eats one a special ability. These abilities are separated into 3 groups: Paramecia, Zoan, and Logia. Paramecia give the user superhuman abilities, such as stretching like rubber, or being able to explode. Zoan give the user the ability to transform into an animal, such as being able to become a leopard, or an elephant. Logia give the user the ability to become an element, such as sand or lightning.

- Dials

Dials are mechanisms found in the Sky Islands which are able to do certain things. Examples are Breath Dials, which are able to hold gasses, Heat Dials that can hold heat, and Impact Dials, which can send force into an object.

- Extol

Currency in Sky Island.

- Fishmen

Fishmen are beings which resemble that of both men and fish. Fishmen are extremely strong and are able to perform combat on both the land and in the sea.

- Giants

Giants are extremely huge beings found in the One Piece world. These giants possess amazing stregnth and durability. It has been said that they can live up to 3 times more than that of human lives. They also come from the island of Elbaf, located in the Grand Line. It has recently been revealed that one of the Shichibukai, Gecko Moria, is a Giant.

- Going Merry

The Going Merry was the first ship the Strawhats used before its demise a little off the shore of Water 7. Luffy, after facing the fact that Merry could no longer travel, gave Merry a Vikings funeral by burning the ship. The Going Merry is a rare ship, in that of which it was loved so much it had it's own soul.

- Log Pose

The Log Pose is a device that is used to maneuver the Grand Line. They are compasses that point to a magnetic field of an island. After it adapts the magnetic field of one island, it will then point to the next.

- Eternal Pose

This is a type of Log Pose that points to only 1 island, unlike the Log Pose that adapts to different islands.

- Maxim

The Maxim is Enel's grand creation, a giant flying arc that has the ablitiy to produce thunder clouds. It is powered by both Enel himself and back up Jet Dials.

- Merman

Mermen are a type of race in the One Piece world that should not be confused with fishmen. They originated from Merman Island in the Grand Line, which appears to be underwater. One of the Shichibukai, Jenbei, is thought to reside here.

- One Piece

One Piece is the name of the treasure that the people of the world gave to the treasure left behind by Gol D. Roger. It is said to be on the last island of the Grand Line, Raftel, which no one (except Roger and his crew) has ever reached.

- Pirate King

The Pirate King is the name given to that of whom reached the last island of the Grand Line, Raftel, and takes One Piece for himself.

- Pluton

Pluton is an ancient weapon (thought to be a war ship) of mass destruction. It was first mentioned by Crocodile, who was planning to make Nico Robin tell him where it was located. It was said to be located somewhere in Alabasta. Later, we learn that Tom, a great shipwright who constructed Gol D. Roger's ship, once held the blue prints to Pluton. It was passed unto Franky who then decides to burn it.

- Poneglyph

The Poneglyphs are large, metallic like stone blocks that have writings on it. These writings are said to come from a lost civilization during the Void Century (800 years ago). Nico Robin reveals to us that there are 2 types of Poneglyphs: Poneglyphs that give information and those that lead to another Poneglyph. Two Poneglyphs, one found in Alabasta and one found in Skypeia, tell information about 2 ancient weapons, Pluton and Poseidon. There was also a Poneglyph on the island of Ohara, which seems to hold further details on the lost civilization. Another known Poneglyph is the Rio Poneglyph, the one that tells the True History. It has also been revealed that the late Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, was able to read the Poneglyphs.

- Poseidon

Poseidon is also a weapon, similar to that of Pluton. It was first mentioned by Nico Robin, who read about it's location from a Poneglyph in Skypeia. It is thought to be a submarine type weapon.

- Raftel

Raftle is the final island in the Grand Line, only traversed by the late Pirate King and his crew. It is said that One Piece and the final Poneglyph are found here.

- Seastone

Seastone is a type of stone that is said to be a solid form the ocean. It has the ability, similar to that of water, to cancel the abilities of Devil Fruit users. It has been seen in many forms, from shackles to cages. It is also said to be harder than even diamond.

- Sea Train

The Sea Train is a train that is able to cross the ocean. It is located in Water 7 and connects to 4 other nearby islands: Ennies Lobby, Saint Popla, Pucchi, and San Faldo. It was created by Tom, a great shipwright who also made Gol D. Roger's ship.

- Shichibukai

The Shichibukai are a group of 7. They are pirates who work for the government. This works because the Shichibukai are given freedom to be pirates if they do not touch the government and give a percentage of their profits to the government.

- Shandians

Shandians are a tribe in Skypeai who originally come from Jaya Island in the Grand Line before being blasted into the Sky by Knock-Up Stream.

- Skypeians

The Skypeians are people who have always lived in the Sky. They are usually peace loving, and are also the ones who created the basic dials.

- Vearth

Vearth is what Skypeians call earth. To them, it is sacred.

- Waver

The Waver is a type of device, which appears like a small boat, which is able to traverse the White Sea by using breath dials.

- The Will of D.

The Will of D. is first mentioned by Dr. Kureha. It seems that whoever possess the middle initial D. have some sort of dangerous power.