.. Time to Study

Mr.Thomas yesterday complained to me about his son who now really need him and also his wife because the period K-12 of their children. His children need him to help them solving any of their homework. Expecially Math, Homework help, Algebra, Algebra 1 ect.

I understand it sometimes, parents are too busy to help their children to finish their homework. In addition, I am only a few years older than Mr.Thomas' kids, but honestly sometimes even I and Mr. Thomas did not know how to solve Algebra, Math, and calculus homework.

Even talking about Calculus and Math problems, I was reminded of Dean really do not understand Calculus and Math homework. I also, but not stupid as Dean, hehe Dean really frustrate where he must begin to learn them.cause basically he did not like Math and Calculus.He prefer to learn to play guitar with me than studying them. In learning mathematics is very important for the analysis of logic in any field. Imagine looking for a solution without the knowledge differential.
I told them all, that easy solution, the solution is tutorvista.com. and I am also a user's site, so I'm not stupid as Dean, hehehe (Sorry Dean ...)

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Now I think Mr.Thomas've got the solution, he felt satisfied, he and his wife could return to work in peace, because the problem of K-12 kids they have now been resolved by Tutorvista. So also with Dean, when he discovered this, he vowed to beat my score in Algebra, Math, Homework various after he uses Homework help Tutorvista. And I think Dean's threat a bit frightening too, hehehe .. Time to study, see u friend ..