Gold, An Investment For A Cool Guy Like Me :-)

Because of my Adsense income quite a lot, I am confused to where to invest my dollars, I finally asked my friend who ointar in business matters of 'The Master Jon the Bald' :-)
"Hi Mr. Jon, I often heard of mutual funds, gold coins, too. I beg your explanation of what mutual funds or gold coins? My knowledge, this is one investment option. If so, what weaknesses and strengths of the two models, and whether there are other types of investment choices is safe enough? What are we to consider in choosing the right type of investment? you need to know, I was a cool young man, good music, an idol in my school, but I want to have income in investment. If you do not want to answer I do not want to hang out with your daughter, :-) "

Just to share information. It turned out that such questions often come to Mr. Jon in various
occasion, Whether through email, question and answer opportunity of speaking
First he explains the benefits of investing in mutual funds, and spread the risk measured, managed by professional investment managers, supervised by the government, does not require a relatively large fund, and easy to melt. While weakness is the result of fluctuating investment or up and down to follow the price of investment instruments / effects-such as stock and bond prices. For some people who do not like risk, this may be less comfortable.

Besides mutual funds, it turns out we can actually invest in unit-linked. This
insurance plus mutual funds. If you and your husband do not have insurance, you may also go to the link unit can invest and protect your financial risk and the family. Well, now we are talking about gold. Gold generally have two kinds, namely pure gold and 24-carat gold were not pure as the dinar currency. There is also a gold shop with a collection of specific images.

Shipping Mr.Jon, a pure gold, buy gold only if you intend to invest. Pure gold are available (in a shaped coin) in sizes 1 gram, 2 grams, 2.5 grams, 5 grams, and the heaviest is 10 grams. This gold can be purchased anywhere, but from Mr.Jon's advice, I can say goldcoinsgain is a great place to buy gold. and be careful in choosing the store or online store that sells gold, Mr. Jon said this place is good to serve as a reference for all products certified gold here, and many satisfied clients who bought their products.

Okay back to the comparison of mutual fund investments with gold the benefits of investing in gold is an easy way to buy and do not require certain conditions, a liquid and easily traded. In addition, price increases could offset the increase in prices of goods / inflation. While the shortage is not suitable for short-term investments given the price increase is not too large in the short term, and there is risk of loss / theft.

Mutual funds like liquid and investment products, did not have insurance, how much would be gained back. There is always a possibility, its value depreciates (falls). Unlike fixed-income products like bonds in general, or SUN, mutual funds have followed the trend of price fluctuations in stock prices that make the price go up. Well the explanation is clear from Mr. Jon can I take the conclusion that the gold is better used to invest in than other instruments.